Tyger Gilbert photographing an eagle in the distance in its nest at Woods Canyon Lake.  Photo by Al Tomas.

Helping to Save the Environment, One Attitude at a Time . . .

I've never considered myself an "environmentalist," though technically, maybe I am. I always saw environmentalists as radicals and extremists, and I wanted to be balanced and rational in my thinking and behavior, so extremism wasn't for me. I grew up in the mountains of Colorado and developed an intense love for Nature and all the fascinating animals and plants within it. Watching the environment be polluted and destroyed everywhere at an exponential rate today has finally motivated me to take action in whatever way I can to help slow and stop the devastation. I've decided that since the need for a clean natural environment is the one thing every person on Earth has in common, I will devote my skills and resources to getting people to change their attitudes toward using this lovely planet and convincing them to take better care of it. I intend to do this through my photography and my professional writing.

Here are ways you can Join Me and help make this happen:

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Enjoy 90 Large 8½" x 11" pages of high quality, full-color photos of scenes, animals, flowers and much more in spectacular places in Arizona where you can go and actively enjoy it all, too! Great as a gift for anyone who loves Arizona.

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Select from more than 2400 color images of scenes, animals, flowers, and cactuses in Arizona. These beautiful, modern, high-gloss Aluminum Metal Prints are durable and will look fantastic in your home, office, or business

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Choose any photo from my photo galleries of more than 2400 images from all over Arizona, FREE to use in exchange for a link back to my website and attribution as the photographer.
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lets others know about my activities to help protect Nature and the Earth's environment.

  Contribute Funding  

I'm happy to accept direct contributions from anyone who believes in me and what I am trying to accomplish. I live modestly in a small mobile home in a 55+ community in Phoenix, Arizona, and no longer drive or even have my own car.
I still work part-time to pay monthly expenses
my Social Security doesn't cover, such as my
medications, groceries, cat food, and bus fares. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

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Images in any of my Photo Galleries may be used in a newspaper or magazine as part of its editorial content. Simply provide a credit line on the page with the photo and place a link to my website on a page of the publication's website.
A one-time, non-exclusive licensing fee may be paid as one alternative to the website link. High resolution images are available on request.

  Expert Photo Retouching Services  

Polaroid of my dad fishing with me in Mazatlan, Mexico, in 1975.

My dog and me with my first car, a 1951 Willys Jeep in 1966.


Old Photos Can Look Like New!


A nicely restored great memory.

Retouched image looks as good as if it were taken just yesterday.


Do you have any historic old family pictures that are faded and maybe torn or damaged? Did you or a relative take some photos long ago that are priceless to you today? Would you like to have them restored to almost perfect with top current digital photo technology and then reproduced?
I can scan, digitally retouch, enhance colors, straighten, crop, and enlarge or reduce them to look as good as or even better than the originals were. You'll be surprised how great they look.

We then reproduce them as modern Aluminum
Metal Prints as treasures to hang on your walls. The cost is only $100 per photo, plus the prints.
Contact Me anytime to discuss your retouching needs and let's see how I can help you restore your favorite memories, too!

Help me restore and preserve Nature, too!

  Thank You!

When you buy my books or prints of my photos, have me retouch your images, use my
 photos on your website, magazine, or newspaper, or contribute funds to me directly, you
 are helping me work to achieve my objectives of inspiring people to be active outdoors
so they will appreciate and respect Nature and take better care of the environment.

Everything on Earth benefits when the Environment is clean and healthy!








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