Superstition Mountain at Sunset east of Apache Junction

My specialty is travel and nature photography in beautiful Arizona, creating professional, high-quality images of the many fascinating and diverse scenic locations, attractions, animals, cactuses and flowers here. You are welcome to browse my photo galleries to enjoy seeing a sampling of what this wonderful state has to offer its many visitors, tourists, and residents alike. When you find images you particularly like, you can buy brilliant Aluminum Metal Prints and use them to dramatically and elegantly enhance the walls in your home, office, or business. My photos also make excellent durable gifts at anytime for anyone who loves the magnificent beauty of Nature in Arizona. Imagine how excited your friends or family will be when you give them a gorgeous aluminum print or three to hang on their walls so they can see the spectacular grandeur of Arizona in their home or office every day! Check out my Décor Showcase for the best photos I have taken in the last 20 years.


Orange Sunset at Picacho Peak, printed on high-gloss surfaced aluminum and extended ¾" from the wall by a frame on the back.

Décor Showcase photos are some of the best images I have taken of the many scenic locations and unique plants and animals all over Arizona. What I call Natural Abstracts creatively capture a design or pattern painted by Nature herself in many intense or delicately muted colors on objects of the forests, deserts, mountains, canyons, and waters of Arizona. I capture these with my digital camera during my hiking and off-road Jeep travels all over the state and make them available to you as highly durable glossy Aluminum Metal Prints that use no frame (as shown above) for a very modern appearance.

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  The Lion in Rattlesnake Canyon
Natural Abstracts
  Cathedral Rock at Oak Creek in Sedona
Scenic Landscapes
  Southwestern Prickly Poppy Flowers
Plants and Animals
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The art of Nature is everywhere. I see beautiful images and interesting shapes and colors wherever I go when I'm four-wheeling or hiking and camping. Capturing the natural abstract designs I see has become my primary objective in photography as a special form of creativity I can share with everyone who has an appreciation of pictures that are more than just a documentation of a pretty scene.

Yes, I love images of magnificent landscapes and flowers and animals as much as anyone who enjoys being outdoors, but I visualize the three-dimensional world in just two dimensions when I aim my camera. While Nature is the origin of both the realistic and abstract photos I take, my own creativity in deciding what to shoot and how to arrange and finish each one is what turns them into visual artworks. My objective is to make each shot tell a unique story that will intrigue and inspire those who see it. I want to motivate people to get up and go outside more to experience the world using their physical senses as much as their imaginations. And hopefully, they will better appreciate, respect, and take care of the environment that everyone and every plant and animal needs clean and intact just to continue living.

The ultimate result I desire is to get the viewer of my photography to feel excitement and wonder like I do when I take the photo and hopefully bring a little happiness into his or her life. Photos are a medium that can do this, and they will last for generations to remind those who see them to enjoy Nature every day.

Photo gallery pages are grouped by subject. Click on the title or photo to view pages of all images in that gallery. Some photos cannot be printed.

  Rock Abstract at Apache Park in Phoenix
  Pair of white Bison at Bearizona
  Red fruit of Prickly Pear Cactus
  Afternoon Mist of Havasupai Falls
  Green Fern under fallen tree
Trees & Plants
  Brittlebush Flowers on Mount Lemmon
Photo gallery pages are grouped by subject. Click on the title or photo to view a list of all images in that gallery. Some photos cannot be printed.

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