Tyger at Point Sublime on the North Rim of Grand Canyon.  Photo by Shannon Henry.

I grew up in the mountains in Estes Park, Colorado, but moved to Phoenix, Arizona, right after dirt was invented in the Sonoran desert. I was educated in graphic arts and owned an advertising agency for more than 20 years. More than a decade before the end of the last century, I started writing software and have authored several commercial programs, including an addictive, strategic computer game of chance named FIVE PLAY Casino™. I then designed and programmed websites for clients, creating more than 150 sites as part of my USA Web Directories network for local business advertising. For three years, I worked as a front-end web programmer and designer for Kim Komando. Concurrently during the last two decades, I also have been a professional travel and nature photographer, and quality photo retoucher, creating the images you see here in my photo gallery.

I have a black tuxedo cat named Black Jack, and I enjoy outdoor sports such as fishing, hiking, boating and camping as well as traveling all over Arizona. In 1984, I became a member of American Mensa, and served twice on its national board of directors. I'm into playing board games like chess, Boggle, Stratego, Scrabble, and MasterMind, and I often engage in lively discussions of politics and philosophy with my friends. I am now working on an online game that is based on my experience at playing games and years of website coding. When it is complete and ready to go, I expect it to be quite fun and even educational for anyone who plays it. (More on this very soon.)

I spent a lot of my time as a kid and teenager out hiking the trails all over the mountains and fishing the lakes and streams around Estes Park and within Rocky Mountain National Park.

My dog, Putty, and me next to my 1951 Willys Jeep
with Longs Peak in the background.
When I turned 16, my mom got me a 1951 Willys Jeep, exactly what I wanted. Then I explored almost every cowpath and jeep track in the area.

Sitting at the edge of a grassy meadow or on a big rock in the beautiful pine forests there, I loved quietly watching the birds and animals go about their day. I remember getting to feed a wild deer a sandwich crust right out of my hand, and often enjoyed chipmunks crawling all over me just because I sat very still. I got to observe Nature up close and in detail every day like no kid raised in a city ever could have done. I truly was one of the luckiest kids alive at the time. And I made sure I told my mom many times how much I appreciated her hard work and sacrifice that enabled me to grow up in such a wonderful environment.

I believe my artistic talents and my love for all animals and Nature have inspired a true passion for photography in me. Photography is a good medium of expression for me because I approach it with an artist's eye. I have specialized in natural abstract art, scenics, and nature and wildlife photography for travel and tourism, especially for use on the new aluminum prints for home and office wall artworks. I have shot more than 300,000 photos in the last 20 years and have finished up about 1% of them to be displayed on my gallery and sold as prints here.

See my Photo Galleries and Dιcor Showcase

My objectives are to take great photos of the fascinating plants and animals and many beautiful places that still exist in Arizona and show these pictures to as many people as I can. I want to help everyone appreciate and respect Nature so they will take better care of the environment, and show them where to go to experience it for themselves. In the process, I hope to motivate folks to get outdoors frequently and go hiking and camping to be healthier, happier and enjoy life more.

My book, "The Natural Beauty of Arizona" contains more than 500 of my best pictures, makes a great gift, and is available to Order Now.

Read more about my beliefs and objectives

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